Posted by The Grass Factory on 11 February 2018

Keeping your garden pet friendly with artificial grass

Keeping your garden pet friendly with artificial grass

Many people are choosing artificial grass over real turf for it's many financial and environmental benefits. It's much easier to clean, maintain and it's actually much safer for your children's health than the real stuff. Artificial grass has no end of benefits, and it can also help to make your garden completely pet friendly.

A lot of people worry that their furry little friends won't enjoy the artificial grass as much as the real thing, but it's actually a complete misconception that animals don't like artificial grass. Most pets won't notice the difference, and will continue playing on the grass as if nothing has changed. Research shows that there are no problems for pets within the house after artificial grass has been installed, and pets spend just as much time outside.

Real grass needs regular maintenance, including weekly mows (during the summer months) and frequent fertilisation. When you're performing garden maintenance you usually have to keep the pets inside, but with artificial grass you never have to restrict their outdoor time. Artificial grass never freezes over, not only a benefit to yourself (you can enjoy it at any time of the year), your pets won't get cold paws, and can spend more time outside.

Because artificial grass is permeable, any mess from waste that your pets produce soaks through the surface. Dog waste can be easily removed, leaving no stains or bad odours behind. With regular grass, frequent activity can bring up mud to the surface, but with artificial grass no matter how much your pets play outside, you'll never see any muddy paw prints making their way through the house.

Artificial lawns are extremely easy to install, so your garden won't be out of bounds for very long.

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