Artificial Grass for football, golf, tennis, hockey and MUGA’s

A extensive range of artificial grass for golf greens, football pitches, tennis courts and many more sporting applications.


Artificial grass is the best solution for clubs and organisations who need a durable sport surface.

The ever-improving artificial grass technologies have produced both attractive, natural-looking turfs suitable for light sports use; and durable, versatile, specialist products with specific usage in mind where there will be heavier use (football, tennis, MUGA's etc).

No matter the weather you have the satisfaction of knowing that your sports surface has the durability to withstand light or tough sport activity.

Artificial grass for football, golf, tennis, hockey and MUGA's doesnt only offer all round use (whether it be for a school playground or games area), they also reduce the maintenance needed on larger turfed areas which reduces cost.

Our targeted sports surfaces offer improved ball control and consistent ball speed for each sport in question (golf, hockey, etc), so you can guarantee the best level of game play every time. Our products are UV stabilised so your pitch or playground will remain fresh and green for many years to come - without the need to water or mow!

We offer a selection of specific sports artificial grass for football, golf, tennis, hockey and MUGA's.

To go through your options and find the best product for your sport/usage, call our office for a no obligation chat with one of our team members.