Fire Retardant Grass

Modern artificial lawns are generally very safe and present no significant fire risk.


It is, of course, important to protect the turf against exposure to extreme heat and naked flames, but high heat will typically cause artificial grass fibres to melt or discolour rather than burn.

That could still entail an unwanted repair/replacement bill, of course, so any such exposure should be avoided.

In some settings, however, stringent fire safety controls may be called for, such as when specifying artificial grass for use on high-rise balconies, rooftop terraces or interior settings. Specialist grass products are available for use on projects that call for an accredited fire-tested artificial system. This technical summary document notes that the current EU standard (EN 13501-01) for floor coverings measures both ‘spread of flame’ and smoke production. A rating of either Cfl-S1 or Bfl-S1 indicates that the product is flame-retardant and produces ‘little smoke’ so look out for these classifications if you are choosing a grass for a fire-critical setting.

With its added protection, our fire retardant grass would make a great floor surface, stand covering or even wall covering for your next event, in your home or office.

Bear in mind that in outdoor areas, brushing silica sand into the artificial turf after installation will also have an additional fire-retardant effect. On its own, it will not be enough to produce a certified fire-retardant system, but it will certainly promote greater resistance. The sand itself will not burn, of course, and it has an insulative, protective effect on the backing material beneath it. This is one of several reasons why the application of silica sand is a wise investment where it can be used.

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