Posted by The Grass Factory on 3 December 2017

Artificial Grass is great for kids

Artificial Grass is great for kids

When considering the safety and happiness of your children, there are quite a few key benefits that having artificial grass in your garden has over real grass.

Firstly artificial grass is ideal for the wet weather, which we all know, Britain gets a lot of. Artificial grass dries much quicker than real grass as it doesn't retain as much of the moisture, meaning that once the sun comes back out, the children can get out playing much sooner than they otherwise would. One annoying thing about sending your children out to play in the garden, is that they often come back in with grass stains and mud all over their clothes - this leads to a lot of clothes washing to do, and in some cases can ruin the clothes entirely. With artificial grass there is no mud, and there are no grass stains. One less worry on your mind.

Some artificial grass is actually even safer than real grass. Artificial grass is softer and more cushioning than turf, so if your children fall over (which let's face it, they're prone to do, even if you're the most careful of parents), then they won't hurt their bottoms or scrape their knees.

As well as being safe, artificial grass is very easy to clean. Playing outdoors is obviously very good for your children, but it isn't actually a sterile environment to be in. Many small babies go through a stage where they will start putting things in their mouths, and grass is definitely tasty looking to them. Once again, even the most careful of parents look away for one second, and that's when the baby might decide to have a feast. Artificial grass can be cleaned with soap products, leaving a clean and sterile environment for you and your children to explore.

Artificial grass looks and feels very realistic; in fact it may even be softer than some real grasses. Children can run around barefoot without worrying themselves, and without you having to worry about them. The soft under cushioning will be a pleasure under foot, and your children will want to play outside even more than they already do.

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