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General FAQ's

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Artificial grass takes much less maintenance than a natural lawn. We recommend a good brush with a stiff bristle broom regularly to freshen the pile and remove any debris. Debris such as twigs, leaves and seedlings may need collecting from the lawn occasionally by hand if your broom doesn’t get these off, but general up-keep is down to personal preference and how often you think it needs it.

Your pet will love the soft feel of an artificial lawn. Any mess is easily picked up, just like a real lawn. The grass is stain resistant and rain naturally washes the lawn and rinses it through small drainage holes in the underside (invisible from above) so will help to minimise smells.

Our artificial grass is naturally fire retardant - it will not set on fire but will melt. A sand dressing, if used, gives further protection but your barbecue should be placed on slabs or similar, to protect the lawn. If in contact with fire or hot embers, as mentioned above, the artificial grass will not set alight but WILL melt so, please be cautious. Specialist grass products are available for use on projects that call for an accredited fire-tested system.

You can install a weed membrane under the grass for added security but generally, weeds should not grow through the grass as the backing is made from latex. The backing has small drainage holes in it, but these aren’t usually big enough for any worrisome weeds to get through.

Extremely noticeable large weeds (like knot weed or horsetail) would already be situated in the ground before your artificial lawn is installed (as these have a large root and will have most likely been growing for years). If not properly removed before installation, roots can push against the grass backing, causing lumps underfoot.

Seeds falling from overhanging trees or blown from nearby bushes may sit on top of your artificial grass area and germinate into the pile but can be removed by hand or a stiff yard brush. If some are more stubborn than others, we would recommend soaking them with some warm water for 15 minutes and then brushing again – the water will help soften the weed and release any sap that is causing it to stick onto the fibres.

Weeds shouldn't grow through your artificial grass, but in the instance should you get weeds around the edging, you can use water-based weed killer.

After constant use, you may notice your grass has flattened. You can help refresh the pile by giving the grass a good brush with a stiff yard broom.

The warmth from sunlight can also help the pile ‘rise’ and stand up again.

If you would like to apply a sand dressing to your artificial lawn, this can help with the longevity of an upstanding pile, as once brushed, the sand particles will disperse into the pile and keep it more upright.

If you have furniture on your artificial lawn, you may get imprints where this has been, but again, with a good brush, sunlight, and time, these will start to disappear.

You can park your car on artificial grass but if you are then hoping to re-use the area as an aesthetically pleasing ‘garden’ area, you may not get the look you’re hoping for. Due to the weight of a car, the grass will heavily flatten – more than furniture or foot traffic would cause. Also, if there is any friction caused by the wheels, you may get baldness in the lawn where they have been pulled out by the pressure from the tyres.

If you are wanting artificial grass specifically to go under your car, we would recommend a short, non-directional pile - usually a sports-like product, as it will withstand a lot more wear than a ‘domestic’ artificial grass would.

A stiff yard brush and your hands are all you need to keep your lawn looking pristine! You can occasionally clean the grass with warm water, or even a very diluted soap and warm water solution if you want to eliminate odours (we would recommend a very limited amount of soap from a mild/sensitive soap solution, so the suds don’t cause too much mess and slippiness). Once you have applied the soap solution and given the grass a brush, rinse off with clean water to disperse any residual soap.

Order and Delivery

Orders, Delivery and Product Information

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All orders on The Grass Factory website are secure. You can use Visa credit or debit and Mastercard to make you purchase. If you are experiencing problems buying online please contact our customer support team on sales@thegrassfactory.co.uk.

A record of your order will be emailed to you and you can use the My Account section on our website to see order history.

To change your order, please contact our customer support team via telephone as soon as possible – if changes aren’t made before the cutting process, there may incur a restocking charge (please see our returns and refunds section). To track your order please contact our customer support team on sales@thegrassfactory.co.uk. Our team will keep you updated on your order status.

You can add discount codes on the first step of the basket process. Add your code in the box indicated, then click apply. The discount specific to that code will be viable and applied to your price.

You will find delivery costs at checkout, on the order acknowledgment email and online when you view your order. Depending on the size and value of your order, The Grass Factory will select the most suitable delivery method.

Your items will be dispatched as soon as your order is processed, and a suitable delivery method is arranged. Deliveries will require a signature. Most deliveries are booked in with notice so the customer can expect its arrival. Delivery times and days vary from order to order.

Delivery prices are estimated per piece/cut. Standard delivery is free on pieces/cuts that are over 25m2. For pieces/cuts under 25m2 delivery will be £39.99 (including VAT). Accessories are charged at standard rate of

Standard Delivery - This means that your goods will be processed as normal and shipped by courier. Ordered goods will usually arrive within 5-10 working days for most of the UK mainland.

Please note, for delivery as specified above, all orders must be processed by 13:00pm the day before.

Returns can be arranged via the contact form or by phoning The Grass Factory Customer Services. Please see our Returns and Refunds policy.

Where the goods are faulty or do not comply with a contract, the customer must notify us within 14 days of delivery. The customer shall be entitled to a full refund or replacement where possible.

Made/cut to order items can only be returned if found to be faulty. Returned goods are the responsibility of the customer until they reach our warehouse – please roll and package these as securely as possible to ensure safe arrival to our warehouse. Damages made in return transit are the responsibility of the customer.

Once we receive the returned goods they will be inspected, and a refund will be applied upon confirmation of fault. Your consumer rights remain unaffected.

Changes to orders or cancellations must be confirmed as soon as possible. If your order has already been cut or dispatched before you change or cancel, a 20% restocking fee will incur. We tend to cut orders as soon as we receive them (where possible) so amendments and cancellations need to be made straight away to avoid a restocking charge.

On occasion where an order needs to be changed or cancelled but has already been delivered or dispatched, as well as a restocking charge, the customer would be responsible to arrange the return of the items as well as any/all costs involved.


Product Frequently
Asked Questions

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People who have seen one of our lawns often tell us that until they looked really closely they did not know it was artificial grass!

Much less than a natural lawn. Debris such as twigs, leaves and seedlings may need collecting from the lawn occasionally.

Yes. Many schools and nurseries have installed artificial grass as it provides a clean, safe playing surface. It is an ideal football surface – and your children can keep clean and won’t bring mud from your lawn into your home.

Your pet will love the soft feel of an artificial lawn. Any mess is easily taken up, just like a real lawn. The grass is stain resistant and rain naturally washes the lawn and rinses it through small drainage holes in the underside (invisible from above) so it will not smell.

We don’t advise leaving the real grass under the artificial lawn. It will rot under the artificial lawn and disturb the surface. Soil should be removed from the surface and the surface prepared as described in our Artificial Grass Installation Guide.

Yes. If it will be walked on the slope should be no steeper than 1:7 (about 15% or 8.5°).

Yes. Artificial grass is an ideal luxury swimming pool surround. A 1 metre (3ft) gap between the artificial grass and the pool will help prevent chlorine discolouration.

Our artificial grass is naturally fire retardant, and a sand dressing, if used, gives further protection, but your barbecue should be placed on slabs or similar to protect the lawn. If in contact with fire or hot embers the artificial grass will not set alight but WILL melt so please be cautious.

Artificial grass is soft and springy. A sand dressing, if used, will provide more bounce than natural grass.

There is up to a 10-year manufacturer warranty against colour fade. UV stability meets DIN 53387 Standard.