Artificial grass for dogs & other pets

Pet owners love their furry friends, but dread their beloved lawn turning into a muddy mess every winter and a worn out seedless dust bowl in the summer.

A dog is a man's best friend, so why not give your dog the garden they deserve with our residential artificial grass for dogs? Open the door and let the pets run free on the lawn and enjoy the fun of playing on the fake grass for dogs. No more muddy paw prints through the house!

A question we are often asked is – “Will my dog/cat's urine discolour the artificial pet grass?” Answer – a simple “no”. Our pet friendly artificial grass is permeable so any urine drains away through the backing and dog poo should be removed in the normal way, the grass will not discolour or stain – this is simply the best artificial grass for dogs.

Our artificial grass and dogs go hand in hand, completely hygienic and easy to maintain. The surface of our artificial lawn for dogs is easy to clean which makes it a fake grass for dogs to pee on or poop on; so there are no worries when your four-legged friends decides to go potty. A warm bucket of soapy water may be thrown over the area once in a while purely for hygiene reasons so your children can play on it too.

Our artificial grass for pets is available in a variety of styles. Browse our product range to see the different option of synthetic grass for dogs and pets we have to offer. Our synthetic pet grass is of the highest quality, you can browse our online gallery to get a closer look of the quality of our fake grass for pets, we are sure you will agree that what you will discover is without doubt the best synthetic grass and artificial grass mats for dogs; our artificial grass can also be used for dog runs.

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