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Find an Artificial Grass Installer in the UK

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Find our artificial grass installers and dealers displayed on the map below. Mouse over the map pin to see details about our artificial grass contractors and click the "Get traffic route" link inside the box to get information about the shortest route to a dealer. Drag the map around with your mouse to see more details. For additional functionality such as zooming in or out, 2D or 3D view, please use the menu option on the map at the top left hand corner.

Although we have an installation guide for laying artificial grass available on our website, many people prefer to have a professional installer carry out the task instead. To ease our customers’ minds, we have put together a database of dealers that we highly recommend to help you find an artificial grass installer in the UK.

No matter where you are located in the UK, we can help you get your artificial grass installed correctly to ensure you get the best results. We work with many different artificial grass installers across the UK and Ireland in locations such as Essex, Kent, Surrey, London, Yorkshire, across the North West and Dublin. We are also currently building new connections with top level suppliers for artificial grass in Northern Ireland.

Installation of The Grass Factory synthetic, artificial and fake grass products is undertaken by private artificial lawn installers and contractors. These contractors have carried out many different installations over the years we have worked with them and we are frequently adding new dealers to our ever growing national database of national artificial grass installers.

No liability can be accepted by The Grass Factory for faulty workmanship and product misuse on unsound substrates, however if a problem arises through the use of any of our recommended synthetic grass installers, please do not hesitate to contact us.