A luxurious, realistic alternative to natural grass

How realistic does it look?

People who have seen one of our lawns often tell us that until they looked really closely they did not know it was artificial grass!

How much maintenance is needed?

Much less than a natural lawn. Debris such as twigs, leaves and seedlings may need collecting from the lawn occasionally. Please see our lawn-care guide for more details.

Is it safe for children?

Yes. Many schools and nurseries have installed artificial grass as it provides a clean, safe playing surface. It is an ideal football surface – and your children can keep clean and won’t bring mud from your lawn into your home.

What about pets?

Your pet will love the soft feel of an artificial lawn. Any mess is easily taken up, just like a real lawn. The grass is stain resistant and rain naturally washes the lawn and rinses it through small drainage holes in the underside (invisible from above) so it will not smell.

Can I just lay it on top of my real lawn?

We don’t advise leaving the real grass under the artificial lawn. It will rot under the artificial lawn and disturb the surface. Soil should be removed from the surface and the surface prepared as described in our Artificial Grass Installation Guide.

Can it be installed on slopes?

Yes. If it will be walked on the slope should be no steeper than 1:7 (about 15% or 8.5°).

Is it suitable for swimming pool or spa surrounds?

Yes. Artificial grass is an ideal luxury swimming pool surround. A 1 metre (3ft) gap between the artificial grass and the pool will help prevent chlorine discolouration.

Can I use a barbecue on it?

Our artificial grass is naturally fire retardant, and a sand dressing, if used, gives further protection, but your barbecue should be placed on slabs or similar to protect the lawn.

What is it like to walk on?

Artificial grass is soft and springy. A sand dressing, if used, will provide more bounce than natural grass.

Is there a guarantee?

There is up to a 8-year manufacturer warranty against colour fade. UV stability meets DIN 53387 Standard.

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