Posted by on 17 April 2021

Project: Artificial Grass Lawn for a Nursing Home, Blackpool

Client: Eric Wright Construction

Product: Artificial grass, 40mm pile height
Area: 420m2 approx.


When Eric Wright Construction began building an extension to a nursing home in Bispham, Lancashire, it decided to include artificial grass as part of the surrounding landscaping works. The works would create a courtyard area of approximately 420m2 that would be used by residents, including a number of people who would be using wheelchairs.

Its appointed landscaping contractor contacted the Grass Factory and requested a proposal. Important criteria included that the chosen artificial grass had to be wheelchair-friendly and natural-looking.

The Project:

Staff from the Grass Factory proposed the use of Glencoe artificial grass, a durable synthetic turf with a pile height of 40mm. This gives it a natural appearance but it is also very robust and more than capable of withstanding traffic by people in wheelchairs.

The ground already had hardcore laid down so the project itself entailed only levelling the surface with aggregate (MOT Type 1) and granite dust. In most areas, the perimeter was created using battens made from non-rotting recycled plastic. In other areas, concrete was used. The plastic battens are especially useful for projects such as these. They carry a 20-year guarantee and they are very flexible, so they allow the creation of smooth curves.

The artificial grass was then laid over the top and dressed with silica sand. This dressing is always useful for ballast and to ensure longevity but it was particularly important for this project because it would also protect the backing fabric against localised loading by wheelchair wheels. The turf was affixed by means of screws into the plastic battens and by means of adhesive where the lawn met concrete.


The landscape contractor delivered the project effectively and to the client’s complete satisfaction. The resulting lawn areas are now attractive, secure and capable of withstanding regular use by residents whether they are on foot or using walking aids or wheelchairs.

Like all artificial grasses, the nursing home lawn requires no mowing or watering and it will not get muddy in wet or damp conditions. It requires very little maintenance; essentially just occasional brushing to remove wind-blown leaves and other debris. As a result, it keeps routine maintenance costs to a minimum.

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