Project: Artificial Grass for Indoor Arena, Lancashire

Client: Private Developer, North West

Product: Artificial grass multisport surface, 18mm pile height

Area: 2,200m2 approx.


In 2021, when developers sought to transform an industrial / warehouse building into an indoor arena, their intention was to create a venue for sports, shows and other live events. As part of their plans, they wanted to provide an attractive but hardwearing floor surface that would be suitable for a wide range of sports and similar activities.

The Project:

After an initial visit to survey the site, staff from The Grass Factory submitted a proposal based on installing MUGA 18, a premium quality artificial grass that is ideal for competitive sports. (Note: MUGA stands for Multi Use Games Area). With an 18mm, non-directional tufted pile, it was not so deep that it would hinder a hockey or tennis ball, for example, and yet it would afford a safer and much more natural-looking surface than the underlying concrete.

The client accepted the proposals and The Grass Factory staff then set about installing the system.

The ground was already relatively flat, level and well-maintained so the installation required little additional preparation other than laying down a heavy duty 20mm ShockPad. This helped to even out any small undulations and to create a softer feeling underfoot. The artificial turf was then affixed in place using tape and adhesive.


The team installed the synthetic turf over an area of approximately 2,200m2, creating an attractive but readily playable multi-sports surface that would help to reduce the risks of any fall-related injuries. 

Unlike other synthetic sports surfaces that would be used for specific, single use pitches (football, outdoor hockey etc), this artificial turf is versatile and perfectly in keeping with multiple sporting activities that would traditionally be played on a natural grass pitch. Unlike natural grass, however, it looks constantly well kept, requires minimal maintenance and does not get muddy. Importantly, it also retains its colour and texture in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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